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With The Note Of The Polish And The Nail File
Oct 20, 2017

With the note of the polish and the nail file

MM are nails are delicate Zhuer, usually in addition to careful maintenance, nail also have to pay special attention. Otherwise, you are a little careless, nails are not scratched is to be broken, the results are not anti-"broken phase", it really is not tired of the MM are not too. Then the polish and nail file in use and attention to what details? Hurry up to see chanting.

Polished with polished and polished two roles, MM need to pay attention to grinding in addition to the direction of growth along the nails, but also pay attention to strength, or you a force, nails on the grinding too thin; polishing time can not be too long, Or will damage the nail surface of the protective film Oh. With a polished bar when the nails to keep dry, wash hands, then wiped with a towel, so polished when it is not grinding too thin.

Nail file use to maintain a one-way grinding, or likely to cause nail stripping. Manicure should pay attention to the first use of rough and then use the order of the use of fine, if the nail file file surface blunt or abrasive too strong, should be timely replacement of the appropriate nail file. In addition, the order of manicure is the first two sides after the middle, but be sure to pay attention to both sides need to fine grinding, and the middle to be grinding rounded Oh