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Why You Should Use a Crystal Nail File
Oct 26, 2016

More than a quick fix for nail emergencies, nail files play a role in keeping our tips healthy and smooth.

If you’ve ever damaged your nails with a traditional emery board, a crystal nail file might be a gentler option and could even reduce chipping and peeling. Glass nail file doesn't injure fingernails during manicure, grinding them softly and smoothly

That’s because they typically come with a higher “grit” which, nail technician and founder of nail

care line Tracylee Dasha Minina tells us, is the number that “determines how fine or coarse the nail file is and indicates how rough it will be on your nails.”


Another beautiful benefit of crystal files? The tool can easily be washed with soap and water, and I use a scrub brush to remove any nail debris that may be on it, which is crucial in avoiding the spread of germs and bacteria. Best of all, they can last for years with the proper care (always  store them with their original sleeve to prevent breakage).