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Which One Is Better For You?Glass Nail File VS. Emery Board
Nov 22, 2017

Glass Nail File VS. Emery Board


Emery board are made of cardboard with small grains of sand adhered to the surface. It is very light and you only can use it in one direction in order to minimize damage to the nail during the filing process. And it is only for the natural nail, not good for the artificial nail.

The emery board are generally less abrasive than the glass nail file, it may take longer to file down nails than glass file.

Because of the sandpaper material, the emery board cannot be washed. However,it is ideal for the Spar and nail salon,it can not economically disposed of after use on a single person.And it is less expensive than glass file.


Glass nail file is made of tempered glass; there are two ways that glass nail files are manufactured. First way is that glass filings are adhered to a glass stick using super-glue like substance combined with heat, we called it sandblasting nail file. It is not much expensive.

The second way is that the glass file is made to cut from actual pre-treated sheets of thick glass steady abrasive surface created by etching in a solution of acids. We called it etched nail file, it is much expensive and also it is very high quality.

The glass nail file can be used in any directions and it will not injure fingernails during manicure, grinding them softly and smoothly. At continuous use of such nail file, fingernails become stronger and cease to stratify after one month.

It is easy to maintain the glass file, just washing it in warm water using soap. At frequent use of this manicure tool in the environment of beauty salon, spa, nail files undergo the procedure of boiling for additional cleaning, thus neither the tool, nor its decor are damaged.Also,it can work for the artificial nails and even use for several years and it is much more economical for person.