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The Difference Between Polished And Nail File
Oct 20, 2017

In the nail tool family, polished and nail file is a very high usage of nail tools, MM whether they are at home nail or nail shop nail, are inseparable from the polished and nail file it. Simply put, polished and nail file are modified, polished nail with, with them, you no longer have to worry about their own ugly! However, the polished and nail file should be how to use, which first use, MM may not understand, then take you a comprehensive understanding of polished and nail file, so you on the road and mark a new skill!

1, the difference between polished and nail file

MM to nail shop nail, the nail division will generally use polished and nail file to modify your nails, and then on the nail polish. Polished and nail file two tools are very similar, but look and usage is very different Oh, their specific differences are as follows:

Polished bar is a nail with polished nail tools, with it allows the nail to show the same as the shiny oil shiny effect. In addition to polishing the surface of the polishing tool, there is a called polished block, their use the same, but there are two polished polished surface, and polished block has four faces.

And nail file is modified nail shape with a manicure tool. If your nail is ninety degrees of shape, it is necessary to use nail file to wipe the edge of the nail, so that the shape of the nail more smooth and smooth. Nail file surface scrub particles, relatively thick, so it can not be used in the nail surface, can only be used in the nail edge.

2, polished and nail file usage

Get to the difference between the polished and nail file, MM are not that the use of their two is also very simple? Polished and nail file looks very small, but with great attention. How are their specific uses? And listen to Xiao Bian decomposition.

Polished, then it is generally thick and thin two faces, rough surface is used to polish the nails, and fine surface is used to polish nails, so the order is to polish the first polished Oh But no matter which side to use, must be unified direction, that is, from the root of the nail to the nail extension, and grinding and polishing can not back and forth friction.

Nail file use should also be very careful, MM from both sides to the middle sideways under the nail edge grinding, while the nail file surface to the lower side of the pulp side of the tilt Oh, so as to quickly polished to the edge of the nail edge.