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The Difference Between Nail File And Polished File
Oct 10, 2017

The difference between nail file and polished file

Polishing file:

Polishing file has three polished polished and four polished blocks.

Polishing the use of methods: generally in accordance with the black, white, gray order of use in turn polished, black face can be thrown to the nail surface of the horny, white surface can be thrown on the surface of the nail finer, gray surface can be polished, after these three Road after the program will appear crystal luster.

If the customer's cover is thin, can not be used on both sides of the thickest side of the polished file, otherwise the more nails will be thinner. Do not rub back and forth when polishing, because the heat generated by the friction will be discomfort.

Polishing file is polished, used in the nail surface, do not repair the shape because the surface of the polished strip is not coarse sand. Polished and polished pieces without distinction between good and bad, to see you personally with which shape of the smooth.

Nail file:

Nail file is nail with nail was 90 degrees grinding on the shape of the chanting, because relatively thick, used in the nail face will hurt the nails. Nail file with metal ah. But now there are pieces of four-in-one, each side of the sand thickness is different, according to the steps of the different faces used in different denim, you can repair the shape, grinding pit, polished step in place.

The finishing technique of the nail shape

Nail shape of the dressing skills, the life of the most commonly used a shape: square, square round, oval shape, four sharp, you can according to their own hands and preferences to create a perfect shape.

Square A: In general, the square nail personalized and lead the trend, not easy to break, more professional women and white-collar class like.

Square round nails: square round nails front and side are straight, angular place into a circular outline, this looks very strong shape will give a soft feeling, for the obvious joints, fingers slender Customers, square round can make up for deficiencies.

Oval Nail: Oval Nails, starting from the free edge, to the front of the nail profile is oval, is a traditional oriental shape.

Pointed nails: pointed nails due to contact area is small, easy to break, and Asians of the thin shape, not suitable for repair into a sharp shape.