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Nail File Is Divided Into Steel File And Color File
Aug 15, 2017

  Nail file is divided into steel file and color file, which is usually called Flower file. Color file: Also divided wood file, sea file, glass file.

  Applicable conditions

  It is suitable for repairing short and half long nails.

  How to use

  It is suitable for repairing short and half long nails.

  From both sides to the middle of the edge of the polished nail, do not let the file surface perpendicular to the tip of the nail, Nail file but slightly to the bottom of the finger on the side of the belly tilt, grinding the edges of the nails.

  Will cut the length of nails with steel file or flower file according to the first two sides of the front end of the order of grinding, repair grinding into the desired shape.

  Electric nail file, matte surface has different thickness to replace.

  The most common form of armor

  The most common form of life is: square, Fangyuan, oval, sharp four kinds, you can according to their hands and preferences to create a perfect shape.

  Square A: In general, Nail file square nails personalized and lead the trend, not easy to break, compared to professional women and white-collar like.

  Square Round nails: square round nails front and side are straight, the corners of the place into a circular arc contour, this looks very strong shape will give a person with a soft feeling, for the joints obvious, fingers elongated customers, Nail file square circle can make up for deficiencies.

  Oval nails: Oval-shaped nails, starting from the free margin, to the front of the nail on the outline of the oval, Nail file is a traditional oriental nail.