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Nail File Don't Grind On The Nail Surface
Oct 20, 2017

Can the polished strips and nail files be used

In the dazzling nail tools, some tools need to use, but some tools need to use as little as possible, the use of properly to bring benefits to the nails Oh. Then the two pieces of polished and nail file is commonly used? If not common, but also need to pay attention to what things? About the use of polished and nail file frequency, MM should have a good look!

In general, the polishing strip is not commonly used. Because the polished need to polish the nail surface, if commonly used, then the thickness of the nail will be thinner! Too thin nails on the equivalent of the loss of the natural barrier, the outside of the bacteria, fungi and microbial resistance greatly reduced, causing inflammation of the nail. So polished in the nail may be appropriate to use, but must not use too often.

Nail file is a manicure tool, it can be used. After all, MM's fingernails edge may appear from time to time burr, or shape looks beautiful enough, this time nail file came in handy. Here also stressed that the nail file do not wear on the nail surface Oh!

Polished and nail file which first use

A complete nail process usually need to use a lot of nail tools, MM need to master their correct use of the order, so as to modify the nails bling bling Oh. So in the nail process, polished and nail file which first used it? There are naked habits MM together onlookers Oh.

In accordance with the nail order, MM first to use nail file, after the polishing bar with Oh Because the nail file is a manicure range, and polished part of the range of nail, of course, is the first armor and then nail friends. And so you put the corner of the nail are polished rounded, and then to the nail surface polishing, and then color, a set of nail process so gorgeous finish. So, MM are nail to remember the use of polished and nail file order Oh