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Nail Clippers Kit Use And Maintenance
Oct 26, 2016

1. care before the nails, you must wash hands, push and push a knife dead skin. To launch slowly from left to right, dead skin, and finally with cut decoration nail bending arc of dead skin.
2. According to their own preferences, cut out your favorite nail polish with nail clippers, and nail trimming. Nail file and nail must be at a 45-degree angle and move along the same trim, also want to nail inside circular grinding, achieve a smooth effect.
3. often used to enhance the toughness of base and top coat nail strength, protect nails, and to promote the healthy growth of the nails can also be used as nail polish.
4. every two weeks for the best nails coated with care cream or cream, massage the side of the nail and the nail, nail flexibility better, not to fracture because of the dry and hard.
5. use moisturizer massage fingers every night, do not always polished, that causes the nails to be book