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How To File A Rounded Nail With A Nail File
Jul 19, 2017

  How to file a rounded nail with a nail file

  Each kind of nail shape to master a certain file, the so-called "file method" refers to the shape and length of the nail dressing. nail file If you use a cut knife will add an additional burden on the nail, but also easily lead to nail fracture and nail lamellar schizophrenia, the so-called "double-layer."

  First of all we come to know what is called round nails, square round nails are nail front straight, both sides of the corners smooth with a certain roundness of the nail shape.

  Preparation tools: nail file, according to the following steps, nail file you can set off a round nail.

  1, so that the nail file with the nail vertical, horizontal to wipe the way to adjust the length of nails.

  2, the nail side attached to the file, the side of the straight.

  3, the nail of the corner attached to the file, nail file the file to the edges and corners.

  Note: nail file do not repeatedly back and forth grinding file, to unilateral force without cutting the file. Repeated back and forth file, nail file may cause a layer of a, to be noted. To use 2 weeks 1 progress, and to use nail file to dress.