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Glass Nail File Is Made Of Glass Fiber Through A Special Craft Made Of Beautiful
Aug 02, 2017

  Nail file is a very special product, his production can be made of a variety of materials, the specific use of materials are as follows:

  1, glass nail file: glass nail file is made of glass fiber through a special craft made of beautiful, beautiful pattern, but the price of cheap nail file | nail file how to use | nail file, in the course of the use of a good feel, especially There is a cool feeling in the summer.

  2, EVA nail file: is a special material, the use of imported eva material processing made, but the cost is relatively high, long-term use of the human body without side effects, but also a lot of beautiful women like to buy a material nail file.

  3, scrub nail file: scrub nail file products are mainly used to repair the nail before a grinding process to use more, you can use a variety of materials to produce scrub nail file.

  4, sponge nail file: is a special sponge for processing, with the surface of the polished face to repair the nail, the texture of the light for a long time to use the role of fatigue, but the price is cheap, for a long time to use the nail file The staff is more appropriate.

  5, metal nail file: metal nail file material is mainly made of metal nail file, on the nails, toenails grinding is better, improve the efficiency of the nail treatment.