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Glass Nail File Description
Jul 07, 2017

  Glass Nail File Description:

  After we have just cut the nails, the edge of the nail is often relatively rough, sharp, this time you can first use the glass nail file to the edge of the nail to conduct a preliminary grinding, so that the edge of the nail smooth and curvature.

  A surface treatment: Now use the glass nail file: the grinding head is installed, one by one the nail surface of the lines polished smooth, correct the curvature of the surface and a preliminary polishing for the surface.

  Polished: we can use the glass nail file for the nail to fine polishing. Glass nail file Note:

  1. After use, you can use water to clean the remaining ash

  2. Generally used to polish the nail surface, not for the nail repair.

  3. Do not give the nail to the children to play!