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Foot File Manufacturers Tell You Nail Polish What Parts Need Attention
May 18, 2017

What kind of parts do you need to pay attention to?

First, Foot File Manufacturers tell you to use nail polish before shaking

File Manufacturers tell you Before applying nail polish, make sure the bottle is tight and shake for 20-30 seconds. The greater the sound of the beads, the better the quality of nail polish nail polish. If you shake, nothing can hear, this is a bad signal. In addition, nail polish is not shelf life. Unless the kettle bottle is not closed or is not saved. Every time you run out of nail polish, the bottle should be wiped clean and neatly placed. Even the new nail polish should be stored in the freezer.

Second, File Manufacturers tell you that the brush of nail polish varies due to a different

File Manufacturers tell you Nail polish brush, like a mascara brush, depending on the specific circumstances. If the nail slender, delicate and narrow, you can consider using a small brush to avoid the brush than the nail and painted nails outside On the contrary, for large nails, you can use wide brushes to OPI. Each brand has its own brush. Do not hesitate to go to the store a lot of try.

Third, File Manufacturers tell you coated with fluorescent color oil before the coating base oil and white nail polish

File Manufacturers tell you Since the color of the fluorescent color is not too concentrated, it is not easy to cover. For fluorescent green nail polish, generally need to apply three layers to cover the color of nails, so smear a layer of white nail polish is a good choice. In addition, the need to smear very uniform. If there are several smear the thickness of different, will show white nail polish. Some MM on the fluorescent color is misunderstood, that the fluorescent color of nail polish on the nail polish. In fact, the fluorescent color of the nail polish and the general nail polish contained in the same pigment, so it is not dangerous. As with ordinary refueling, apply a layer of base oil to protect the nail before applying fluorescent nail polish. The only difference is that, due to the rapid flow of fluorescent pigments, to question the application of bright oil, and in 2 to 3 days after a layer.