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Baby Nail File Need To Be Used Carefully
Jun 23, 2017

  Baby nail file need to be used carefully

  When you are asleep, cut your nails, but not when you are just asleep, and when your baby sleeps deep, don't cut it too deep.Baby nail file So maybe the baby feel very uncomfortable, cut when the action to be lighter, the best mother to come, woman talk, soft, gently pinch small feet on the line, if not hand can also cut words, do not touch him, as far as possible to reduce the baby's feelings. There is usually and he played when you can touch his little feet, gradually eliminate his vigilance.

  Because the nails are especially weak,Baby nail file skin is also very delicate, coupled with infant and toddler love, parents to cut nails for infants and toddlers, to pay attention to the following 4 points: 1, to choose the blade fast, thin knife, good quality nail scissors to cut nails for infants and toddlers, do not use general scissors, so as not to cut the tip of the infant 2, according to the infant nail growth speed, generally one weeks to cut once, if the nail is found to split, it is necessary to trim. The nails on the feet are thicker, or they become soft after the feet are washed. 3, as long as the infant is awake,Baby nail file love hands and feet to move, such as in the infant sleep after pruning, much safer. Bigger baby, you can tell them a story while they cut their nails. 4, for infants and toddlers to cut nails, the action should be brisk, do not cut too much too hard, so as not to produce pain. To cut the smooth, to prevent cutting into angular. After the cut, the parents should use their hands to touch, to see if the nail section is smooth, if not smooth, can be used nail file to grind it smooth.

  Can prepare baby nail file, generally in the baby sleep, choose the good light, to see carefully to the right action to be quick,Baby nail file to tell the truth the first time for the baby to cut a nail is really a little nervous a little tired, but several times on the proficiency.