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Baby Nail File How To Use It
May 18, 2017

Baby Nail File how to use? Baby Nail File is used correctly

Maybe we all know that the nail file is a nail tool used to true armor, false nails, crystal armor or toenail trimming, playing and polishing. But for the average beginner just started taking the Baby Nail File when they do not know how to use, techniques unfamiliar. So how to help the baby repair armor when you can achieve better results? Today Xiao Bian teach you the right way to use Baby Nail File. Let's see it right now!

Gray sand Baby Nail File, a side of a coarse sand sand, rasping the edge of the nail, trumpet playing special nail file, nail polish generally there are two ways:

One is a straight line grinding, that is, nail file and fingers into a 90 ° angle, from both sides to the middle level of grinding nails, and then take a vertical file, from the top down the nail tip.

The other is radian polished, that is, nail file and nail edge into 45 ° or 60 ° angle, from bottom to top, according to a certain degree of polished, until the nail smooth and mellow.