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Glass Nail File Is A Nail Tool
Jun 12, 2017

  Glass nail file is a nail tool. English name is Nailfie, used to true A, false nails, crystal A or toenail trimming, playing and polishing and so on. (Grit) represents the number of particles per square inch of the number of particles, that is, its density, the more the higher the density of particles, the greater the model, the higher the number of particles, The higher the density of the glass nail file model, the more the more rough it, grinding the file on the stronger.

  Nail file classification

  Repair glass nail file sub-steel file and color file, which is commonly referred to as the file. The filter is divided into filing and polishing, and the file is divided into pieces, sponge and fillet. Commonly used glass nail file (2 sheets)

  Nail file applicable conditions

  Suitable for repair short half-length nails. Suitable for a variety of true and false nails of the trim, playing or polishing and so on.

  Nail File Use

  From both sides to the middle of the next look at the edge of the nail, do not let the file surface perpendicular to the nail tip, and slightly to the nail below the pulp side of the tilt, grinding nails burr.

  Will cut the length of the nail with a steel file or file by the first two sides after the front of the order of grinding, grinding into the required shape.

  Electric glass nail file, frosted surface with different thickness to be replaced.