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Glass Nail File Commonly Used In The Shape
Jun 12, 2017

  Glass nail file commonly used in the shape

  The most commonly used in the shape of a: square, square round, oval, sharp four, you can according to their own hands and preferences to create a perfect shape.

  Square A: In general, the square nail personalized and lead the trend, not easy to break, more professional women and white-collar class like.

  Square round nails: round nails front and side are straight, angular place into a circular outline, this looks very strong shape will give a soft feeling, for the obvious joints, fingers slender Customers, square round can make up for deficiencies.

  Oval Nail: Oval nails, starting from the free edge, to the front of the nail profile is oval, is a traditional oriental shape.

  Pointed nails: pointed nails due to contact area is small, easy to break, and Asians of the thin shape, not suitable for repair into a sharp shape.

  Use the glass nail file to note

  1, will have to cut the length of the nail with a steel file or file in accordance with the first two sides after the front of the order of grinding, grinding into the shape we need.

  2, on the real nail grinding, can not be back and forth in the same file, because this file will cause heat, causing damage to the nail or even fall off. And the right back and forth to the fake nail file is not serious.

  3, with grinding files on the skin gently friction, when the feel of abrasive than the skin rough, the nail file abrasiveness than the natural nail bear, will cause the nail break or fall off, should choose a model more Large, softer filings to trim the natural nails.

  4, the use of filing repair nail shape, we must pay attention to the nail on both sides of the grinding must be fine, the shape of the front must be rounded.