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Six practical nail tips
Oct 26, 2016

1. on the desktop with elbow support hands, thumb and three fingers grasp nail bars, so that hands do not shake.
2. apply a second layer of Nail Polish after, horizontal at the nail edge coating, which helps to prevent premature fading nail's edge.
3. nail polish with nail polish before water removal of the nail surface oil and dirt will help Nail Polish colors more uniform and durable.
4. apply Nail Polish must be in the same position of first to second floor coated with a thin layer is enough to prevent noticeable stripes.
5. apply black nail varnish readily left a black mark on the nail, suggested to paint bottom oil and use once a month containing hydrogen peroxide, cotton pad to remove the problem of uneven color.
6. dark Nail Polish will make flaws more apparent, therefore, must always keep hands soft and moist, such as hand Scrubs every week, and apply hand cream to moisturize the skin.