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How To Care For Your Nails
Dec 22, 2016

How To Care For Your Nails

1.Rub in hand cream every time after washing your hands.

2.Apply a good cuticle remover (liquid/paste, don’t cut them).

3.Push the cuticles back gently with a wooden or plastic cuticle stick, never metal.

Buff them using a 3-sided buffer.

4.Use a glass file to file them – never cut with scissors or clippers. When I stopped cutting them the condition improved enormously!

5.Apply a clear top coat and then another every other day to keep it from chipping.

6.Use a crystal nail file or emery boards to buff them straight after removing the polish and apply the hand and cuticle cream again. Even if you don’t paint them a colour, I’d recommend always keeping a clear base/strengthening coat on them to protect the nail from general bashes, stops them splitting too!