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Healthy nails, you need to know the five elements
Oct 26, 2016

The resurrection of the water
Resurrection of the acetone in water, although it can quickly clean the nails, but also wiped grease to protect nails, the nail becomes drier and more vulnerable, so it should be with the resurrection of the water as little as possible.
Nail tidy
Long nails more beautiful, more elegant, but this will make your nails more prone to breakage. In order to nail health, should be appropriate to sacrifice a little length of the nail.
Hot water and SOAP
If using hot water and SOAP, or which contain SOAP liquid soap to wash, will bring a lot of damage to the skin and nails, the more dry and fragile nails. So it should be little contact with hot water and a cleaning product containing SOAP, must be used, it is best to wear rubber gloves, can also give your nails painted with a thick layer of hand lotion can also play a protective role.
What biotin is vitamin h, which is maintaining the body's natural growth and water soluble vitamin necessary for normal body functions, not by artificial. Absorb enough biotin can make your nails strong. Many foods are rich in biotin such as milk, eggs, lean meat and wheat, usually appropriate for human consumption.
Bright lemon juice to keep her nails healthy, not yellow. With a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice to clean the nail surface, can effectively address because excessive use of Nail Polish and resurrection of the water, causing yellowing of the nails and vulnerable, and so on.