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Crystal Glass Nail File
Nov 28, 2016

1. The colorful handle, some with attractive artwork, some with artificial diamonds, 

or only a simple but elegant color, will attract your eyeballs easily from the ordinary items. 

2. By using permanent glass nail file, you will find it extremely effective filing your nail. 

3. It will smooth down sharp corners and rough edges in seconds, rinse off easily 

and keep the ends of your nails in good shape. 

4. The surface of the permanent glass file is either etched or coated according to customer requirements. 

Permanently etched surface, which requires more cost, will not wear out after many times used. 

It is more durable than the cheaper coated surface. 

5. Tempered glass is more durable and expensive than standard glass. 

You have more choices when you are selecting the crystal nail file.